• Proceedings of SIAM Workshop on CSC 2020
    Feb 11-13, 2020, Seattle WA

  • Combinatorial Scientific Computing is an interdisciplinary research area in which combinatorial algorithms are used to solve problems in computational science and engineering. CSC problems arise in scientific computing (numerical linear algebra, numerical optimization, differential equations, etc.), network sciences, data sciences, other emerging application domains, and when we develop software infrastructure for parallel computing. An article written by Bruce Hendrickson and Alex Pothen in 2006 describing what CSC is about is available here.

    The CSC community was organized in the early 2000's, and the First SIAM Workshop on CSC was held in 2004. The Program Committee consisted of John Gilbert, Bruce Hendrickson (Co-Chair), Alex Pothen (Co-Chair), Horst Simon and Sivan Toledo. Since then these Workshops continue to be organized biennially, and links to previous Workshops as well as the next one are listed below. Three Dagstuhl seminars on CSC and topics relevant to CSC are also listed there.

    A book, Combinatorial Scientific Computing edited by Uwe Naumann and Olaf Schenk, consisting of nineteen contributed chapters, was published by Chapman and Hall/CRC Press in 2012.

    The U.S. Department of Energy funded a pioneering research institute on CSC, the CSCAPES Institute from 2006-2012; thirty researchers from Purdue, Sandia National Lab, Argonne National Lab, Old Dominion University, Ohio State and Colorado State were involved in this project, and a record of the research performed is available by clicking on `CSCAPES'.

    You can join the CSC community and contribute! A link to the CSC List Serve is available here.
    You will receive periodically announcements of Conferences, Job Postings, Special Issues of Journals, and other news of interest to the CSC community. You have the option of receiving a weekly News Digest.

    Bora Ucar and Alex Pothen blog about CSC here.

  • SIAM Workshop on CSC Feb 11-13, 2020, Seattle WA

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  • The SIAM Workshop on CSC June 6-8, 2018

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    Combinatorial Scientific Computing
    Feb 2009

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    Adjoints in CSE, Finance
    Sep 2014

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    Graph Algorithms in CSE
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